The time I met Rachel McAdams

On December 19th, 2015, I met the one and only Rachel McAdams. For those of you who are think “who?” Allow me to refresh your memory.

Canadian actress best known for Mean Girls, The Notebook, The Time Travelers Wife, Wedding Crashers, About Time, Sherlock Holmes, ect. She is beautiful and talented and did I mention that she is Canadian?!

She is without a doubt one of my favourite actresses and last Saturday, I met her! How?! She was at my choir concert! Right in the front row! Do you know what that means?! RACHEL MCADAMS SAW ME SING!!! I SANG FOR RACHEL MCADAMS!!!

This is the story…

After the concert ended someone whispered “did you hear that Rachel McAdams is here?” Me and a few other singers were determined just to catch a glimpse and luckily the exit for the first row was right by the singers door. So when she came out (looking flawless) another girl asked if we could get a picture and she was so sweet and said yes! So we all jumped into the picture with her.


Then we thanked her for coming to see us sing and she very sweetly said that she loved it and that our show really put her in the Christmas spirit! I PUT RACHEL MCADAMS IN THE CHRISTMAS SPIRIT!!!

The best part of this story is my best friend’s older sister. Right there next to Rachel McAdams, is Catherine. Catherine has downs syndrome and she is one of the kindest, sweetest and sassiest people I know. Catherine joined the photo at the very last second. Afterwards we said “Catherine, do you realize who you just took a picture with?” and she responded with “all of my best friends, of course”. She had no idea that she was standing next to Rachel McAdams. So we told her and she was SO happy. She gave Rachel the BIGGEST hug and said “you are incredible”. Rachel very graciously agreed to one more photo with Catherine and I am honestly not sure who looks happier. It is really important to me that she was so kind to us but especially to Catherine. That makes her a great person in my books. It truly was such a lovely experience to meet her. Hopefully we’ll see her again at next years Winter Concert!



Musical Musings

If music be the food of love, play on.

~ William Shakespeare

To me, music is emotional and expressive. Music is thrilling and exciting. Music is constantly moving, touching, exploring. Music can be happy, sad, beautiful and tragic all at the same time. Music is exceptional.


I love listening to music, I love watching music, but most of all I love performing music. I’m no professional or anything. I don’t get paid to sing but that doesn’t stop me from doing what I love. It is important to me to always have some sort of creative outlet be it music, dance, art or drama. I strongly believe that the creative arts help us as human beings to connect with one another on a more meaningful level. It doesn’t matter what language we speak, what social background we come from or what religion we believe in a C major chord will sound happy to everyone.

I’ve been involved with the arts from a very young age. My mum had me in dance and music making classes at the age of 3. While I’ve tried my hand at many various art forms my go-to has always been singing. I really became passionate about vocal music in high school. I was very lucky to attend a Creative Arts specialty school where I was given exceptional instruction in music theory, music history and music performance. In addition to all my regular high school courses. Here was where I fell in love with choral music. There is nothing more magical than performing with a group of singers as one entity. Below is a video of one of the three choirs I participated in singing a super fun song called “I’m a Train”. This piece is originally by the King Singers. (I’m standing in the light of the window).

See how fun was that?! Sometimes choral singing gets a bad reputation as being “boring classical music”, but that is so not the case!  I may have left high school over 6 years ago but I am still singing. In university I sang in the musical theater productions and I sang in a choral group. And currently I am getting my singing fix through a local young adult choir in Toronto. We practice once a week, on Tuesday evenings. The music we sing is everything from regular choral mass arrangements, gospels, jazz numbers, ect.

Last night was our first concert of the New Year. It was held in a small church with amazing acoustics. This means that the sound rings and bounces off the walls. It makes for a great performance space. We sang a medium length 5 song set and it was so much fun! Two of my best friends sing in the choir with me. We all stand next to each other and it is such a fun way to spend time with them on a weekly basis. Lucas also came out to see me sing last night. It means the world to me that he supports my music when he can. I know that choral music isn’t his favourite but he is always happy to come and listen. I think he is learning more and more about the art form with every concert he attends. The choir has more concerts coming up in April and I cannot wait!

How do you get your creative fix? Share in the comments!

The Party Animal

I learned some very valuable lessons this weekend; the most important being that I am not a party animal. I wanted to be, I tried to be, I made a valiant effort but I just couldn’t hack it. The party life is not the life for me. I know this because this past weekend pushed me to my party limits. It was 4 days, 4 parties, 1 choral concert, and almost no sleep. And as each party came and went the supporting evidence grew, I am not a party animal.


Thursday – Staff Party 2.0

You may remember that I had a staff party on Monday. Well, on Thursday I attended a smaller more intimate staff party for my department only. There were about 15 of us in total, we played some board games, we ate deep-fried pub food, and we had free drink tickets. Oh, did I mention that it started at 12:30 in the afternoon… By 5 pm I had consumed 3 glasses of wine and a shot of whiskey. Thank goodness I ordered a coffee before I got on the train or else I would have gotten home at 6:30 pm with a hangover.

Life Lesson: Always order a coffee after day drinking. Always.

Friday – The Holiday Rager

Lucas & I were super excited to host our first party in our shared living space on Friday night. We had food, we had beer pong, we had tequila, but at the end of the day it isn’t any of those things that make a good party, it is the people! And we also happen to have amazing friends, so it was a pretty epic party (not to brag or anything…). To be perfectly honest the end of the night is kind of a blur but rumor has it that things wound down around 4 am. As I said, epic.

Life Lesson: The party will always be epic if your best friends are there.

Saturday – The Choir Concert

I wish I could tell you that I slept in until noon but reality is I woke up at 6:30 in the morning (just two hours and 30 minutes after I went to bed) so that I could catch a ride into the downtown core. On Saturday afternoon my choir was performing, so I had to be there bright and early for rehearsal. Yes, it was just as painful as it sounds. It is times such as these that I thank my lucky stars for the invention of Gatorade and Advil.

2011 Christmas Concert - Roy Thomson Hall - December 17, 2011

Life Lesson: Singing while developing a hangover is the worst kind of torture. 

Saturday Part 2 –  The Boyfriend’s Sister’s Classy Christmas Party

After 5 hours of rehearsal and 2 hours of concert I found myself with Lucas at his sister’s house. Her Christmas party was much calmer than ours, she had prepared a table of appetizers (the homemade spinach dip was to die for), a meal of Italian lasagna, salad and chicken, as well as a table full of deserts. In addition, her husband made sure that everyone always had a drink in hand. Almost everyone brought a Secret Santa gift and we had fun opening and stealing the gifts. I ended up with a box of sweets from Rocky Mountain Chocolate and Lucas stole a small desk fountain from his brother in-law, which he plans on wrapping and giving back to him on Christmas day. I had a lot of fun but by 11:30 pm my lack of sleep was really getting to me. I left yawning and I was asleep within seconds of putting my head on my pillow.

Life Lesson: A bottle of wine or an LCBO gift card will always be the favourite secret Santa gift. 

Sunday – Your mom’s best friend’s Christmas Party 

This is the day that was designed for staying in bed. Which I did, until about noon (it was glorious). However, on this particular day not moving from morning till night was out of the question as it was Lucas’s mom’s best friend’s annual holiday party. This means socializing with adults who you have never met and will likely never meet again. It means fantastic food and good quality liquor. And it means gravely embarrassing yourself at group pictionary. I really wanted to be polite and social but after one glass of wine I was ready to fall asleep standing up. I ended up standing next to Lucas the entire time, letting him do all the talking and smiling at the appropriate moments.

Life Lesson: Get some caffeine into  your system before this party, now I know for next year. 

Share in the comments! Are you a party animal? How many Christmas/holiday parties have you attended this year?