Kitchen Experiments

I am not good in the kitchen. In fact, I am useless in the kitchen.


It’s not that I haven’t had the opportunity to get better, I’ve just never really cared to learn. My mother is a wonderful cook and I think it breaks her heart just a little bit that I am content simply eating crackers and cheese. Lucas did a stint in culinary school and therefore he is an exceptional cook. Or chef, rather. He finds it both amusing and wildly frustrating to watch me attempt to cook things. Most times he will step in to help me before things get to disastrous.

But sometimes I find myself in the kitchen all on my own and it either means an epic failure or a surprising success. I never attempt anything complicated but the reality is anything more challenging than Kraft Dinner is probably a challenge for me.

On this page you will find links to all of my Kitchen Experiments. May you laugh at my blunders and learn from my mistakes!

The Guacamole Disaster –> Click here

Mmmm Oatmeal Cookies –> Click here

Ch-ch-cha-chia seed pudding –> Click here

Salad Lunches –> Click here

Protein Balls –> Click here

Dairy Free Tuna Salad –> Click here

Roasted Veggie Medly –> Click here

Brown Rice Blues –> Click here

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