~ 24 on the 24th~

I am so lucky! Seriously! I have the most AMAZING friends! I cannot stress enough how grateful I am to have such wonderful people in my life. I’ve come to believe that it is incredibly important to take the time to recognize and acknowledge the special people in your life. Whether you see them on a day-to-day basis or if your time together is few and far between. Be sure to take the time to tell them how much you value them. If you are looking for a sign, THIS IS IT!

Anyway, why all the sap? Well this past weekend, about a month after my actual birth date, I finally celebrated with a Birthday Party. And having all my friends from all my various walks of like in the same place was simply wonderful. People drove into the suburbs from the city, some even drove in from 2 hours away! Like I said, I have great friends!

Yeah… We had a selfie stick.

The party was a triple birthday party for myself and two of my best friend’s, Katie and Karin. The three of us all have birthdays in April so we decided to combine our celebrations into one mega celebration. #24onthe24th

Birthday Girls Karin, Myself and Katie

It was a blast! We had lights and music and a disco ball! We had drinking games and we had lots of delicious food! Lucas made pulled pork at 1 am. When your pretty intoxicated and all of a sudden someone hands you a pulled pork sandwich…  Well there is basically nothing better than that. Also, three different people surprised us with cupcakes! Yes that is 3 different batches of cupcakes! Home baked and everything! If that isn’t true friendship then I don’t know what is.

Anyway, it was a great time! I love birthdays!


It’s my birthday, I will brag if I want to!

That is how the song goes right!? Kidding, I know the lyrics are cry if I want to. But I do not want to cry. I want to sing with joy because my friends and family are so spectacular! They made my birthday (which was on Tuesday) so special and they made me feel so loved and important. So I am going to brag and share and shout it to the hill tops!

Fun fact: My dad and I actually share the same birthday. Yup, you got that right. I was the best birthday gift he ever got. So on Monday night Lucas and I went to my house for dinner. This was when we got to do our annual Easter egg hunt. Then we had a lovely dinner, I got to choose the meal this year and I picked tacos. And after dinner we did presents and cake!

IMG_6189I got my dad (and my brother) tickets to a spring Blue Jays Game. And my parents got me a shopping spree, by that I mean that my mum is taking me shopping. Both my personal style and body are changing, so she figured it was best if I picked out my own things.

On Tuesday, I had to wake up and go to work like normal which was kind of a bummer.IMG_6190 But my co-worker, Bree, made it more exciting by bringing me a box of donuts from Tim Horton’s! Let me take a second to tell you about donuts. As a general rule I only eat donuts if I am celebrating something. It makes them special. So when I got the lead in the school show, donut. When I got accepted to my post graduate program, donut. When I got a job after graduation, donut! So Bree decided that a birthday was worth celebrating and got me some donuts!

At our office we do this thing where who ever had their birthday before you has to celebrate your birthday. So around 3pm I was surprised with a lovely home baked cake! Cherry Chip! It was actually so effing delicious. I can’t even. Also, it was a cake… Shaped like a cup cake! It literally does not get cuter than that!

IMG_6193 Birthday girl has to cut the cake!

On Tuesdays I have choir rehearsal, so instead of going home I had time to kill. Normally I go to the gym on Tuesdays before choir but my desire to exercise on my bday was nill. So I went out for dinner with one of my best friends, Karin, instead.

Really funny story about dinner. We went to a chair restaurant called Swiss Chalet. Nothing special but its a classic. So Karin says for my birthday she will buy me a drink. She asks the waitress what cocktails are available. The waitress, who speaks very little english, says there are none… Okay, so Karin asks for two Shirley Temples with a shot of rum on the side for each of us. The woman comes back with the drinks, the shots and cups of ice. I guess she thought we might have the rum on the rocks. Instead we poured the liquor into those Shirley Temples. She stares at us, looking very confused, and says “where did it go?!” Ummmm its in the drink… “But I don’t see it!?” It was adorable and hilarious all at the same time. We tried to explain that we mixed it in but I’m not sure she understood.

At dinner Karin gave me an adorable gift. It was owl themed. A stunning owl card, lip balm in owl packaging, an owl eraser and an owl bookmark! The bookmark was the best part because I love reading and it looks super good in my book.

During Choir the whole choir sang happy birthday to me. It was beautiful! Then after choir Lucas and his friend Taylor picked us up and we went for a drink at a bar around the corner. Taylor dropped us off at home around 10:30pm. I was surprised to find both Lucas’s parents awake, the front hall decorated, gifts and cheese cake!!


One of my other best friends, Katie, had dropped off a gift for me. It was an owl shaped mug! I really like owls. And the mug was filled with candy! Which is all gone now…

Lucas’s parents got me a brand new blender! They wanted to get me something for when I move out on my own in the fall (more on that another day). I have all of the basic appliances from my student days and now I have a fancy blender to make soups and smoothies!

Last but certainly not least, Lucas had what he called a verbal gift for me. Meaning that he told me what we were going to do for my birthday but didn’t have a physical gift. Here is what he said: When my work schedule calms down in May we are going to go on a little staycation. We are going to use AirBnB to rent a nice condo in Toronto and spend the weekend living the city life. We are going to walk to the CN tower, maybe visit the ROM, visit the market. Lucas is going to cook me a fancy Chef Cugini meal one night and we can enjoy some expensive champagne! He then proceeded to pull the said bottle of champagne out from under his pillow. I am so excited for this romantic stay-at-home-getaway weekend! I want April to fly by! We spent some time on AirBnB last night and we booked this fantastic condo. It is sleek and modern and still homey.

In addition to all of that so many friends were texting, calling and messaging me with well wishes and love. It was a really great day. I felt so happy and so loved! The best part?! The Birthday celebrations aren’t done yet! At the end of the month I am having a triple birthday party with Karin and Katie because they celebrate birthdays in April too!

What is your favourite part about birthdays?! Share in the comments!

Flash Back Friday – 2 Year Time Hop

Tomorrow is one of my best friend’s birthdays and in just under a week and a half it will be my birthday! When Taylor and I lived together we would celebrate together every year. Now we live very far away from each other in different cities but that doesn’t mean we can’t sort of celebrate. So today I am flashing back to two years ago when we made our very own “Feelin’ 22” music video in honor of our 22nd birthdays and our never ending love for Tswift.