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I got really lucky on our flight to the Dominican. I got the window seat. Generally when it comes to planes, trains, buses and cars, I don’t care where I sit but if I had a choice I’d always pick the window.
See I like a window view because when you travel there is always something to see. I hate it when people take window seats and then keep the shade shut the entire time. Where is the fun in that?!  I like to see how all the roads snake around each other looking like tangled spider webs from up high. I like to see all the little cars looking like they are hardly moving at all. I like to see how short a skyscraper can look. But most of all I like to look at the clouds. There is something about cloud watching that is so much more fascinating from above.
There are small little tuffets of clouds all lined up in rows. I see fields of strawberry bushes in those clouds.
There are lonesome mediocre sized clouds. Just suspended in space and time, casting shadows on the ocean below.
There are large fluffy marshmallow clouds. I see castles In these clouds. Imagine that, a castle made from cotton candy fluff. White and warm and bouncy! It sounds marvellous, doesn’t it. When I was a child I believed that the tooth fairy lived in a cloud castle, sometimes when I’m looking out a plane window I still believe it. Clouds just seem like the perfect home for fairies.
I also see flowers, space ships, cruise liners. I guess you could say that my head is in the clouds and you know what, it is beautiful up here.

5 thoughts on “Clouds

    • Glad you liked my writing and the photo. Next time you fly insist on taking the window seat, it is so worth it! And thank you for the nomination! I can’t wait to read your post and answer the questions!

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