Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

Wow, it feels like its been forever since I have sat down to write on the blog… Probably because it has been forever. Well, two weeks. Which is still a long enough time. First, I was away on vacation. It was wonderful and sunny and warm but more on that in another post. Today, I want to share some super exciting news.

You may remember that a while back I applied for a maternity leave contract in the special events department. Sadly, I was turned down because I didn’t have enough experience. I was rattled by the answer because how are you supposed to get experience if no one will take a chance on you. But I handled my rejection with poise and grace and continued to work hard in my current position. Well the common phrase “good things come to those who wait” could not be more true in this moment.

Just over a month after I was turned down my boss sent me a highly cryptic email about having a meeting to discuss my portfolio. Interesting. Minutes later she sends an email announcing that one of our department heads is leaving the company. Very interesting. Obviously I wasn’t going to be given that job but she did manage the donor events… Very very interesting. 

Anyway, it ends up being two more weeks before this mysterious meeting actually happens, but boy oh boy was it ever worth the wait.

I am being promoted!!! 

I will be moving into the Events & Engagement department as a Development Officer. This is super exiting because it means that I will now be managing and executing all of the small scale donor engagement events. So lots of parties, cocktail hours, dinners, artist chats, ect. I am so excited to begin this new chapter of my career. It is going to be a fantastic learning experience, it will keep me busy and I am just very very excited.

Here is the thing, the bittersweet thing… I will have to cut back on the amount of blog posting I do. I am by no means going to stop blogging but I’ve been in my new role for a total of a day and I can already tell that it is going to be a busy life style change. I could not be more thrilled about that but I am sad that I’ll have less of an online presence here. My goal is to still post at least once a week but we’ll see how it goes when we get into events season.

Can’t wait to share this new chapter with you all!



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