Garage Sailing

Yesterday I was scrolling through my recent posts and I realized how very “fitness” focused my writing has been recently. Nothing wrong with that, my life has also been rather fitness focused as of late so it isn’t overly surprising. But one of the things I love most about this blog is that it doesn’t fit into any categories. It has a little bit of everything and therefore it isn’t a fitness blog or a travel blog or a creative writing blog, it really is a little bit of everything blog.

Today, I’d like to get back to some random “everything” and write about Garage Sailing. Confused? You should be. The term was made up by putting two completely unrelated words together. Let me explain: On Saturday my friend Kevin and I decided to check out some garage sales. Because we were following the wind (or rather the garage sale signs blowing in the wind), and searching for treasure hidden within tables of useless junk, we got really punny and turned the word sale into sailing (like on a boat, like pirates…). Yes, I know, we are outrageously hilarious and clever.

I went into our treasure hunt with no expectations. If I found a neat bookshelf or bedside table that would have been cool, but there is a backup option at ikea that I’ve got my eye on, so no pressure. If I find something that catches my eye then 10 points for me! If not, oh well. Kevin on the other hand was on a mission, he was searching far and wide for cheap video games. And so the treasure hunt began!

The plan: Drive until we see a sign and then follow the sign. This actually worked out pretty well for us, I didn’t count but I’d say we went to between 8 and 10 garage sales in total. Staying in super residential areas is key!

Unfortunately for Kevin video games are not in season at the moment. We only found one garage sale that was selling games and the one game he was going to buy didn’t have the correct disk in the box. Go figure. We also only found one place selling furniture and there was no bookshelves to be seen. Most of the sales had used children’s clothing and toys, books and other trinkets. Still, by 12:00 pm we had finished sailing and had some great finds to show for it.

Kev walked away with:

  • 8 Broadway, original cast soundtracks on vinyl – $6.00
  • 2 Hockey biographies – $2.00

I walked away with:

  • A hardcover, illustrated edition of Dan Brown’s “Angels & Demons”  – $3.00
  • A set of 4 espresso cups and saucers in pastel colours – 50 cents


All in all I’d say that was some successful garage sailing! Next time we plan to hit up a different neighbourhood and perhaps go out a little earlier in the day. Now all I need is an espresso maker and I am in business!

Have you every gone Garage Sailing? What treasures did you find? Share in the comments!



2 thoughts on “Garage Sailing

  1. I love Garage Sailing! That’s actually exactly what my sisters and I call it too haha! So creative. I got a really cool vintage camera + bag at a sale last year. And a giraffe painting from the 60’s that’s all psychedelic. I also bought my first pair of real running sneakers at a yard sale! I sorta cringe when I say that, but they were practically untouched and just my size. 🙂

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    • I knew we couldn’t have been the first people to invent the term! It actually is too perfect. And that is amazing! A vintage camera AND the bag! Great find. And buying shoes at garage sales is totally cool by me. I have exceptionally tiny feet so I never have much luck with that. But hey, runners are expensive. Might as well get em cheap if you can!


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