Exciting News to Share!

I am thrilled to share some very exciting news!! I’ve been keeping this on the down low for a while but the time has come for me to share with the world!

Regular readers should be familiar with my boyfriend, Lucas. He’s pretty great, so I write about him a fair bit on here. Usually his name pops up because we have gone on some type of adventure together. I suppose sometimes these “adventures” are in reality just everyday activities but everything seems a little more exciting, a little more thrilling when we do it together. I think people call that the relationship “spark”. I guess we have it, phew! Anyway, the point is that he is wonderful and I am incredibly lucky to have him in my life. The reason I am gushing is because the very exciting news is all about Lucas.

After studying finance in college for 3 years he decided that he was ready for an even bigger academic challenge. So he applied to one of Canada’s top universities for business… AND HE WAS ACCEPTED!!! Wooooo!!! I was fairly confident from the moment he applied but getting that letter in the mail, seeing the word “congratulations”, that feels pretty awesome. I am also an alumnus of the same university so I was super pumped to see him apply and be accepted there.

(For those of you who are unaware the Canadian post-secondary education system works like this. A college is where you earn a diploma, usually the learning is more skill based and technical. Whereas university is where you earn a degree and the learning is more theoretical.)


The bittersweet part is that the school is not in Toronto, so in September Lucas will be moving about 2 hours away from me. As far as long distance relationships go, its not that far AT ALL. But it will feel far since we are currently living together and going from together everyday to not will be super strange. I am confident that our relationship will be just fine, I’m not nervous or anything, just a tiny bit sad. If anyone has some tips and tricks to long(ish) distance dating, I’d be happy to hear!

The good news is that Lucas got a one bedroom apartment all to himself so I can go visit him whenever I’d like and not have to worry about intruding on roommates or anything. The place is amazing! It’s spacious, the kitchen is a great size, and its just nice. Here are a few pictures of the main living space. The bedroom isn’t quite set up yet as we are still using his bed at home in Toronto, but it has a bookshelf!

IMG_6697 IMG_6698

In addition to being an awesome place it is in a fabulous location! Right downtown, across the street from a local food market, around the corner from the bars and surrounded by good restaurants. We’ve been moving things up slowly, bringing a few things with us on each trip. Last time we were up there we went to town trying out the restaurants surrounding his building. And we were not disappointed.

Last piece of good news, he looks great in the school’s official colour… PURPLE!!! Congrats darling, I am so proud of you!



11 thoughts on “Exciting News to Share!

  1. First of all, congratulations to Lucas! And the place looks great, I’m sure everything will be fine if you can visit him there 🙂 I think the key for getting through the days when you’re apart is finding a platform for communication that is the best for you and where you can talk as if he was just in the other room. Once you get used to messaging him whenever something pops into your mind that you’d just tell him, you’ll end up still talking all through the day and time will pass really soon until you meet again the next time 🙂

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  2. Hey Alex, nice to hear about Lucas, congratulations & good wishes to both of you! 😀
    The place looks great, too!
    Don’t worry about the distance thing, I’m sure something or the other will be panned out!
    Have a nice day,
    Hannah 🙂

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