Creative Blogger Award!


I am so very pleased to share that I was nominated not one, not twice, but three times for the Creative Blogger Award! Gosh, with all these nominations it’s starting to feel like a Hollywood Award show over here. Whatever will I wear on the red carpet?! Seriously though, it means the world to know that there are other bloggers out there who connect with and appreciate all my mind ramblings. I love these blogging awards because they help me to find more wonderful blogs to follow, I seriously cannot get enough!

I was nominated by three amazing bloggers. Ladies, thank you all so much for following, reading & nominating me! I encourage everyone to check out their great blogs!

Millie Thom: Millie Thom (her pen name) writes a creative writing blog that is full of quirky, interesting pieces of fiction.

The Tipsy Runner: She writes all about her daily life experiences and her running adventures. She has a great sense of humor and is also from the Toronto area, like me!

Freckles and Cheeks: Carly is also from Ontario! She writes about her life as a new mom and her day-to-day adventures.

So onto the rules of the award!

1.) Thank and post the link of the blog that nominated you (see above)

2.) Share five facts about yourself to your readers

3.) Nominate 10 other blogs and post their links

4.) Notify all nominees via their social media/blog

5) Pass the rules onto your nominees

So 5 facts about me! I always struggle with this one because I feel a need to seem interesting. I wonder what Freud would say about that?! Anyway, onto my (hopefully interesting) facts!

  • I am super interested in event planning. I think the speed and high-stress atmosphere is so exhilarating. The “plan” is to eventually get into planning and coordinating fundraising events for the arts. But if I wasn’t going to work in the arts I would love to be a wedding planner.
  • I am obsessed with my own hair. The fact that I am a natural blonde is something I am INCREDIBLY proud of. Last summer I flat ironed by hair while it was still slightly wet and I managed to burn it to a crisp. My hair dresser has been cutting out burnt pieces of hair for almost a year now and I spent a lot of money on hair products that claim magical things. So far I have found coconut oil to be the best thing for my hair. I am really hoping that it will finally start to grow healthy and strong again soon. Maybe by Christmas I’ll even have long hair again! Stay tuned.
  • I love berry picking! Mostly because I love being able to eat a berry for every two that I put in my bucket. I know they say you must watch out for the amount of sugar found in fruits but I don’t even care. Give me all of the berries all the time!
  • Stars amaze me. The vastness of our universe both terrifies and excites me. When I was 10 I had the opportunity to sleep over in the Ontario Science Centre with my girl guide group. I spent almost all of my time there in the indoor planetarium. It was so exceptionally beautiful. I could have stayed in there forever.
  • I am struggling right now between a strong desire to travel and live and experience things and a strong desire to establish myself as an adult, to buy a home, to make a name for myself in the professional world. I so badly wish that I could do both but it doesn’t really seem to work that way. To be both free and permanent. I hope that in the future. when Lucas is done school, that maybe he and I can take a few months and travel. That would be the perfect compromise. Only time will tell.

Well now that you know a little more about what makes me tick, here are my 10 nominees! All of these blogs are da bomb for a lot of reasons. Some of these writers have taken me on adventures to far away lands. Some of these writers have shared their trials and tribulations so that I may also experience their experiences. Some of these writers make me laugh to the point of happy tears. Some of these writers inspire me to continue working towards the best version of myself. All of these writers are incredibly creative in their own unique way. Check them out, give em a follow.

My College Odyssey


Ellis Goes On Holiday

Better Be A Hit

Captured to Share

Phoenix Grey

The Girl in the Little Black Dress

Slow Motion Smile

Grieving is Healing

Movin’ it with Michelle

Too all my nominees, I hope you will accept this nomination and keep the creative awesomeness going but if your blog doesn’t do awards then please just accept this as recognition of great work!  Also, It seems the version of the award the Millie Thom nominated me for and the version that Tipsy Runner & Freckles and Cheeks nominated me for have different logos, but the rules are the same. So I’ve displayed one logo at the top of this post and one at the bottom. Feel free to use whichever one you like the most! Or both!



5 thoughts on “Creative Blogger Award!

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the facts about you, Alex. I can’t believe you burnt your hair! It sounds hilarious, but I know it was probably far from it at the time. I share your love of berry picking and did a lot of it when my children were all at home. Now we have all sorts of berries in the garden, so I don’t need to trek down the lanes. I totally agree about the attraction of stars, too. Many congratulations on all three awards! 🙂


    • Thank you so much, Millie. I did! I burnt my hair! It was mortifying at first but I have found the humor in it since then. I love that you have berries in your garden! I live in a nice suburb and I have a black thumb when it comes to plants. But my boyfriends dad just got a greenhouse so perhaps I can grow something in there. Thanks again for the nomination. And thank you for always leaving such thoughtful comments. You are very attentive to details, your children and grandchildren are very lucky to have someone who cares about the small details so much.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Well, your hair story made me laugh, as well as feel sorry that you had to wait so long for all the burnt parts to grow out. I don’t suppose there was an instant remedy. LOL As for commenting on your blog … it’s because I really enjoy reading your posts. I like the fact that they’re so varied, too. You do several ‘types’ of posts – which I like. You need the Versatile Blogger Award next! 🙂
        As for our garden, my husband is mad on gardening, so I leave it to him!

        Liked by 1 person

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