An Open Letter to Kiss 92.5 FM – RE: Roz & Mocha Talk About A Woman Who Was Accused of Sleeping with the Entire Wu-Tang Clan on Divorce Court

Dear Kiss 92.5 FM, specifically Roz and Mocha:

Some of the things said in your Wu-Tang Clan Divorce Court segment caused me frustration and anger. It reached the point where I was forced to turn off the radio because I was so upset. Normally I enjoy listening to Roz and Mocha in the morning. Their banter is clever and witty and it makes for very good radio. However in this particular segment the opinions expressed by Roz were misogynistic and exceptionally sexist. This is a problem for me because as a public broadcaster Kiss 92.5 has a strong influence over its listeners.

Let me explain; There was an episode of Divorce Court where a woman was accused of sleeping of the entire Wu-Tang Clan. Whether she did or did not do that is irrelevant. What matters to me is the discussion the followed. Roz said, and I quote “if you have somebody in your life that you care about you have no business, I don’t care how big of a fan you are, you have no business going to a show and going backstage”. Mocha then rebutted by saying that it would be cool to meet your favourite celebrity . This is when Roz said “no, no, we’re not talking about you. We’re talking about your girl“.

So the woman in a relationship, according to Roz, cannot meet her favourite celebrity without disrespecting her partner.

You have got to be kidding me!

This opinion is not only way out dated but it is incredibly misogynistic. Why as a man is it fine to go back stage? But as a woman it is inappropriate and disrespectful? Because Roz is objectifying the woman. She is an object which belongs to her man. She is your girl. And when she makes her own choices she is disrespecting you. Enjoying a night out, meeting her favoruite celebrities, having an experience of a life time are independent choices that a woman does not have the right to make if she belongs to a man. This is the underlying message in Roz’s opinion.

Objectification. Ownership. Control. Dominance. Disrespect. Sexism.

What began as playful banter about a strange and funny television clip took a sharp sexist turn as soon as Roz uttered the words “We are talking about your girl“. Many people probably didn’t even notice that his statements were entrenched in misogynistic ideals. Even more people probably agreed with him. And this is the problem. When misogynistic statements are broadcasted by public figures they are blindly accepted as the norm without a second thought. And this is why the feminist movement still has such a long way to go.

I understand that the premise of the Roz and Mocha show is contrasting opinions. It riles people up. It invites them to call in. But when every caller is saying the same thing as Roz it is a major issue. Having statements and opinions such as these broadcasted on the radio perpetuates gender inequality. All men, all women, all humans are equal beings And that is not something that should ever be up for debate.

Equality of gender means that we should all share the same rights. Be it the ability to vote, the ability to work inside or outside of the home, or the ability to go back stage at a concert. If it is disrespectful for a woman to do then it is also disrespectful for a man. If it is totally cool for a man to do then it is also totally cool for a women.

It is 2015, we live in Canada; a forward thinking society. So Kiss 92.5, Roz, Mocha I am asking you get on board with gender equality and start broadcasting that message.

Thank you,

Alexandra Folkes

Toronto, ON, Canada


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