Running Update: It’s all in your head

The last two weeks have been… not great. To be honest. I could give you a long list of reasons excuses but in reality I’ve just been to lazy to put in the extra time and effort. Yes, my schedule is busy but 30 minutes is only 2% of my day and everyone has enough time for that.

Some of my excuses are more legit than others. I mean, it was my birthday and I deserved giphy (1)a day off but the 6 days prior that I also took off… wellllll like as I said, lazy! Yesterday I forced myself to get up and be active. I’ve only got 3 weeks until my 5k run and I want to be prepared!

I was really nervous when I got to the gym yesterday. I was worried that my “time off” would have knocked back my progress. I thought about doing a couch-to-5k workout that I had already completed to ease myself back into it. But then I thought, no. Just do it. Move to the next level and if you fail, you fail.

The structure was 5 minute warm up walk, 8 minute run, 5 minute brisk walk, 8 minute run, cool down.

The first 8 minute run was way WAY easier than I expected! Remember, due to Canada still being damn freezing I am running inside on a treadmill. Because I was worried about the longer interval times I decided to run at a slower pace. Usually I run at 6.6 or 6.7 but yesterday I ran at 6.4 and I think this made a big difference.

The second 8 minute run was obviously more challenging. I still did better than I had anticipated though. But at the 3 minutes remaining mark I suddenly felt like quitting. Out of nowhere my leg muscles tensed up and my breathing became ragged. I seriously considered slowing to a walk and then I said to myself “no! What the hell are you doing? Thinking about giving up? Not a chance. You can do this!” I actually said you can do this out loud.

And guess what… I did it.


Of course my body was tired but I am a strong able bodied person, the difference between success and failure had nothing to do with my strength, it was all about my determination. It was all in my head. As soon as my brain decided that I was tired it was almost impossible to keep going. But as soon as I changed my thoughts I had more than enough energy to keep going.

Knowing this and practicing this will make a huge difference on run day. Now I just need to practice my happy thoughts. It’s like Peter Pan says, think happy thoughts and you will fly!



4 thoughts on “Running Update: It’s all in your head

  1. You are so right, it’s all about the mindset! You are great that you managed to overcome it! For me this feeling usually comes after about 30 minutes of running and sometimes I really struggle to get over it. But if I do I feel so much better afterwards! I found that having goals (time or distance) helps a lot too!

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    • My next run on couch to 5k is a 20 minute run. It’s the first time I’ll be run straight with no intervals. I am both nervous and excited. I am so determined to push through it though. Hopefully all goes well! I’ll be sure to update! Thanks for reading!

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