The Hunt

As with most holidays, Easter traditions are different for different families and different people. For my family it is all about The Hunt. The Easter Egg Hunt, that is!

easter-bunny When Lucas was a kid the hunt was bunch of foil eggs and mini eggs hidden around the house for the kids to find. The only rule was that everyone had to stay in the same room at the same time.

IMG_6171My egg hunt does not look like that. It is much more complex. Here is how it works. The Easter bunny leaves each person a basket with a single coloured, plastic egg. Inside that egg is chocolate and a clue. The clue leads you to the next egg and so on and so forth. You follow the clues until the hunt ends with a small gift. Usually socks or a t-shirt, or gift cards.

My mum has been setting up this elaborate hunt for me and my siblings since before I could read. In the beginning she would draw pictures clues, like a bed or a tv. Now here I am in my twenties and she is still leaving us clues. This year she even prepared a hunt for Lucas and we don’t even live there! She is so fantastic. I didn’t realize it as a kid but the effort she puts into holidays like this really proves just how amazing, dedicated and loving my mother is.

This year she and my dad spent a lot of time brainstorming challenging clues. I got stumped on this one:

Yes, yes there is a spelling mistake... move on.
Yes, yes there is a spelling mistake… move on.

Any guesses? I had none. After reading the words beep beep I couldn’t not think of a car. Even though the clue blatantly told me it wasn’t the car. My dad helped with this lovely piece of advice. “Well what else has a trunk? An elephant! But we don’t have an elephant…” Thanks tips! The answer?! I know you are dying to know and my goodness I am embarrassed to tell you…

IMG_6170A Tree! A Tree has a trunk! 

I bet you all knew the answer straight away. Lets say that the adrenaline was clouding my brain. Anyway, Lucas and I had a blast tearing through the house looking for eggs! This is a family tradition that I hope will always be a part of my family.

What are your Easter Traditions?! Share in the comments!

 IMG_6165IMG_6173 IMG_6164IMG_6172


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