Catering by Chef Cugini

IMG_6092I’ve said it before and I will say it again, my boyfriend has mad skills in the kitchen. He is like Midas with food, every food he touches turns delicious. Obviously I am not the only one who has realized this because this weekend he was hired to cater for a private, in home, dinner party.

The party had 20 guests. Everyone was standing, moving around, socializing. There were no tables. So there was no main dish, instead it was 5 small courses that made up a one big meal. The theme for the food had a home cooked feel with fancy presentation, I like to call it “familiarly fancy”. As Lucas going to be very busy preparing, cooking, and plating 5 courses for 20 people he let me be his sidekick. I helped to plate things and I served the food and cleaned up. I must say we made a pretty great team.

IMG_6102 IMG_6103

I have no idea how each meal was made but I can tell you what each dish was called and show you some drool worthy pictures. Maybe if there is some demand I’ll get Chef Lucas to do a guest post.

Course One: Martini Spaghetti & Beef Meat Balls

IMG_6078 IMG_6077

Course Two: Roast Tenderloin Sandwich with Au Jus, Horseradish and Dijon. 


Course Three:  Grilled Balsamic Portobello Mushroom, spinach and red pepper Sandwich 


Course Four: Woodland Mushroom Risotto with parsley and Parmesan cheese

IMG_6089 IMG_6090   

Course Five: Mini-Grilled Cheese Sandwiches and Sweet-Potato Fries


It all looked and tasted AMAZING!!! I broke my no-dairy and no-deep fried food rule for the day because it was all too good to pass up. The guests seemed to enjoy the food and the atmosphere that an in-home catered event provided. Hopefully this is the first of many paid gigs that he gets. Now just for fun, some more pictures of Chef Lucas and his creations!

IMG_6076 IMG_6085 IMG_6082 IMG_6080 IMG_6075 IMG_6073 IMG_6105


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