Where’s the Cheese?!?!

About a month a go I was experiencing some pretty strange health things and I bet you have all be dying to know what came of that. Let’s be real, you don’t really care, but I’m going to tell you anyway.


Yup. I have 4 little stones just chillin in my gallbladder. For those of you who do not know what gallstones are, click the link above to visit Wikipedia. In lamest terms they are annoying painful things built by unhealthy habits and a poor genetic disposition.

I found out about the stones after seeing a walk-in clinic doctor. He sent me to have an ultra sound done and there they were. The walk-in clinic doctor has said that my original pain happened because I was passing a stone through my intestinal tract. ew. But the remaining stones are small and until they get bigger he isn’t going to do anything. In other words, you aren’t sick enough yet. To quote him, “eventually the stones will grow in size and or number and at that point we will do surgery to remove your gallbladder”. Thanks, but no thanks, doc.


Last week while at the chiropractor I briefly mentioned the aforementioned information. He said, well there is a method you can do at home, a series of stretches, that will force you to pass the remaining stones. It will be painful but then they will be out of your system, no surgery. Better but still not ideal because the pain is real when your passing…

So a friend suggested I see a naturopath. This is a fancy word for all natural remedy doctor. The woman who treated me was a super nice lady. She put a little machine around my neck and based on my pulse and the machine readings she was able to judge the health of my organs. Because #science. Her findings supported my imaging results. My gallbladder is in a bad way. So she has given me some drops to take 3 times a day, another concoction of sorts to drink once a day and some  guidelines for my diet…


Deep fried foods


Creamy diary products


For the most part this is still a very open and non-restrictive diet. Really, it is mostly not a big deal. I don’t eat too much deep fried food to begin with, so that’s just fine. The only pork I eat is bacon, bye bye turkey bacon clubs. My tea will miss a splash of milk but herbal teas are all the rage anyway.

But cheese!?

download (4)

I cannot be deprived of the greatest gift known to human kind! Creamy and delicious. Tastes good in both a melted and solid state! Good on chips, crackers, sandwiches and so much more! Excellent for pairing with wine! Anything, take anything, just not my cheese. 

The struggle is real…

What food can you not stand the thought of living without? Share in the comments!


9 thoughts on “Where’s the Cheese?!?!

  1. Cheese is a favourite food of many people. When I was young it was known as a healthy protein food, high in calcium for growing bones and teeth and so on. It was only years later it became ‘demonised’ as being high in fat – and then that awful word cholesterol started to be bandied about. I cut down on it (my absolutely favourite food!) because my cholesterol level went up to 6.9. I’ve got it down to just under 5 now. I know you have to be so careful with your diet with gall stones, but if it helps to get rid of them, it’s all for the best. I just wanted to say that I know how you feel about cheese! 🙂


    • Glad to hear that I’m not alone. Even though it is for the best it can be hard to give up a food you love so much. Especially when eating out, they put cheese on everything!

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      • Tell me about it! Cheese has been my favourite food for as long as I can remember – which is a very long time: I’m no spring chicken! I find it especially hard because my husband almost lives on it – he’s a vegetarian. I eat a lot of eggs now they’ve eventually decided the cholesterol in them isn’t the harmful type (can’t remember the correct terms here). I imagine once your problem is sorted you’ll be OK to eat cheese again, perhaps in moderation? Thank you fro replying to me, Alex,


      • I love eggs too! A fried egg on toast is one of the best ways to start a Saturday in my opinion. You are correct, once I deal with the stones I have I will be able to reintroduce cheese into my diet in a small way. Except there is no time frame on how long this process will take. It is different for every body. But at the same time gallstones are more common the older you get so I will have to continue to be vigilant if I want them to stay away. Such is life. I’ll tell you what, I’m gonna have a piece of cheese for my birthday from now on. Screw cake. I’ll have some wine and cheese instead. Thanks for reading and your thoughtful comments on so many of my posts, Mille!

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  2. Well, a few years ago, I would have answered with cheese. I cannot live without my cheese. But then I had to go dairy free. So now there is no cheese. 😦 I have learned to live without it, though I still miss is, sometimes more than others – like when someone reminds me with a blog post, for instance. 😀

    Now though, it’s chocolate. I am seriously hooked on chocolate, Dark chocolate.

    I think I’m going to get some now…


    • Hahaha. Sorry for reminding you about the wonder that is cheese. I am hoping that in a few short weeks dairy free will be simple and normal but in this first week it has been quite the challenge. Chocolate doesn’t do too much for me, but I’m sure I’ll find another treat to fill my cheese void soon. Thanks for reading!

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