Jumping into the Skyzone


Welcome to the Skyzone!

What did you do with your Saturday night? I spent mine at Skyzone, a massive indoor trampoline park! Basically it is a room just filled with trampolines. Trampoline basketball, trampoline dodge ball, trampoline foam pits. This place has it all.

Fun Fact! Trampolining for 1 hour can burn up to a thousand calories!


For 20 bucks I got a pair of special orange trampoline socks, a slice of pizza, a can of pop and an hour and a half of jumping freedom. I had such a fun time because it was a really unique way for my friends and I to enjoy a Saturday night out! Normally a night out looks like late nights and empty calories but not at Skyzone! When your night out is at a trampoline park it means fitness and fun!

IMG_5947The weekend fitness didn’t stop there, either! On Sunday morning I woke up and went to a fantastic hot yoga class! The moves were all pretty basic but my body was sore from all the jumping and yoga provided just the stretch I needed. Then when I got home I was compelled to clean my apartment top to bottom. I have no idea what came over me this weekend. I was productive on Saturday with laundry, baking and vacuuming but I took it to the next level on Sunday. I gave my whole bathroom a much needed scrub down. My arms were aching afterwards but the streak free glass around my shower makes it so worth it, also biceps!

Have you ever visited a trampoline park? What non-traditional activities do you do to get fit?  Share in the comments!


12 thoughts on “Jumping into the Skyzone

  1. Wow, Alex, where did all that super-energy come from? It’s really good to see you having so much fun. Skyzone looks an amazing place. If I were your age I’d be there as often as I could. And all that housework, too. I hope this ‘let’s-get-at-it’ streak lasts. It’s evidently doing you the world of good. Great post! 🙂


    • When it comes to having fun with my friends, I always have lots of energy Millie! It’s not super close to me so I can’t go often but Skyzone made for a great Saturday night! 🙂

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    • Hi Sharon, Thank you for taking the time to read! My blog is just about the things I get up to on a day-to-day basis. When I go to cool places or do interesting things I blog about them. Sometimes it is related to fitness, sometimes travel abroad, sometimes it is just a space for me to get my thoughts out of my head. Anyway, I recommend getting a group of friends together and going to Skyzone. It isn’t too expensive and it is a ton of fun! Be sure to get there early so that you get a spot. Jumping starts at 9 pm but I got there with my friends at 8:30! If you go be sure to let me know!

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    • Do it! You will have such a fun time! It is a cheap, fun, unique Saturday night! Just be sure to get there early as spots are limited! Have fun & thanks for reading!


    • I haven’t heard of those! Are they for iPhone? I’m always looking for structured at-home type programs. When I’m left to my own imagination I get lazy. Which is why I go to places like this and to the gym. I find guidance always takes workouts to the next level.

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