The Tourists Guide To The World: Packing & why I suck at it…

As I am leaving for my Cuba vacation tonight(we are leaving for the airport at 3:30 am! woo), I figured that a travel themed post is in order. However, instead of posting about a particular destination I am going to share my opinions on everyone’s least favourite part of the journey: Packing.


I’m absolutely terrible at packing. I always bring way to much stuff, like WAY to much stuff. I am no expert folder. I’m incredibly ambitious when it comes to my reading list. I believe that you can never have enough sun screen. I do not trust hotel shampoo. Shoes, omg, shoes. See the issue…

EXCEPT!!! I think I may have solved my over packing problem!! Okay, not entirely but I’ve definitely made some headway. Let me share my infinite wisdom with you.

Step One: Write it down. Before I even thought about opening up my closet I got a pen and paper and wrote down everything I wanted to bring. Then I looked at the list and thought “alex, that is a dumb amount of stuff to bring on a 7 day trip” so I crossed off half of the items right then and there.

Step Two: Give it a title. As I pulled things off of hangers I listed, out loud, where I would wear it. “Beach”, “fancy dinner”, “nighttime”, ect. If it didn’t get a title then it didn’t get pulled. And no, “random t-shirt that I might possibly wear” is not an adequate title.

IMG_5458Step Three: Use a small suitcase. No joke, I am using a cary-on case for all my clothing. This wouldn’t work on a longer adventure but it is perfect for a 7 day beach resort vacation. Rule of thumb, if it doesn’t fit in the case it doesn’t make the cut. I also used the rolling method. To be honest, I’m not sure that it saved me a ton of space but I do know that the tiny case method is a winner.

Cheats: I did cheat a little bit. My shoes are in Lucas’s regular sized case… As are my toiletries… And my book (singular, I’m being realistic) is in Lucas’s cary-on bag. But seriously, look how tiny that case is.

All in all, I think my new step by step plan to packing will help me to greatly cut down on my luggage in the future. Anyway, Lucas and I are off to paradise for a week. The timing could not be more perfect, as Toronto got hit with a fresh snow fall today. I wont be updating while I’m away but you can expect lots of new and exciting content when I return next week. Actually, I can’t promise anything. But here’s hoping!


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