New Year, Same Me

It’s that time of year again, the time when most of the population resolves to lose weight, save money and become an all around better person.

That’s right, it’s New Years Resolution Time!!!!

Last year I made a conscious decision to NOT resolve to do any of those things. No, I would not allow myself to attempt that which many others have failed at year after year after year. Instead I resolved to make some realistic changes in my life:

Learn how to appreciate red wine: CHECK  checkmark-clip-art When I was in Italy I visited three different wine vinyards and learned all about the way wine is made. Then I got to sample! By the time I got back on Canadian soil I was converted to a red wine lover.

Write more: CHECK checkmark-clip-art This one happened a little late in the year, but it happened and still is happening! Got to love blogging.

This year I am sticking with my trend of realism, although I may dig a little deeper for 2015. Here goes nothing…

2015 New Years Resolutions 

Learn to cook: download I am not exaggerating, I am quite literally useless in the kitchen. I can make a decent egg on a good day but my abilities start and end there. So this year I want to figure out this cooking thing and make myself something delicious.

Embrace the now: download I have a tendency to forget about what is happening here and now and focus too much on what I don’t have. This means I under-appreciate what I have and I can can’t enjoy life just the way it is. Seeing as my life is pretty darn great, embracing the now is something I need to keep working on.

Run a 5k Race: download I know, I know, I said I wasn’t going to resolve to lose weight, and I’m not. This is different. Resolving to lose weight is open ended and vague. Resolving to run a race is specific and there is a clearly defined measure of success. I’m aiming for late spring, check back for more on that.

Share in the comments! What are your 2015 New Years Resolutions?


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