The Tourists Guide to the World: Cuba Edition

Exciting news! Over the weekend Lucas decided that instead of exchanging gifts this year we should drop everything and go on vacation. So I got approved for the vacation time and we booked the trip last night! From January 4th to 11th we are traveling to Cuba! 


This will be my 3rd time visiting Cuba. Each trip so far has been similar in terms of resort life but very different in terms of travel companions. & as all travelers will tell you, who you’re with can make or break the trip.

The first time I went to Cuba was in May 2011 with 3 of my bestfriends. Katie, Karin & Laura. The four of us have been friends since grade 10 and we are still going strong.

Karin, Laura, Katie & I. (May 2011)

Whereas the second time, in February 2012, I was with a large group of 14 friends. It was a mixture of men and women. It was a mixture of couples and non-couples. It was a mish-mash of people who just wanted an excuse to go on vacation.

Top left: Nate, Tour Guide, Me, Palo, Jordan, Rebecca, Jen, Tour Guide, Kim, Jason Bottom Left: Carly, Kat, Karen, Kyle, Max (Feb 2012)

Both trips were amazing, fun and special in their own way. One was not better than the other, just different. But there were pro’s and con’s to both groups, so let me break it down for you.

Cuba With a Small Group


  • The conversation is always intimate 229240_10150179956578558_1765402_n
  • It is easy to coordinate group activities
  • It is really easy to meet new people


  • If you are the only person who wants to do something… you’re on your own
  • You have to ask a stranger for help every time you want to take a group photo
  • At least one small argument is inevitable

Cuba With a Big Group


  • There is always someone new to talk to419090_10150886667949012_1942697123_n
  • Even if you are the only people at the resort, it is still a party
  • There is always someone willing to join you… no matter what you want to do


  • The couple you are traveling will get in a fight and sides will be temporarily be chosen
  • Two people from the group will hook up and be awkward for the rest of the trip
  • organizing group activities is a mission

Honestly, I really can’t decide which group of travel companions was most preferred. Maybe I just have great friends, maybe I’m an easy going traveler. Who knows…

Share in the comments! Do you have a preferred travel companion number? 

Oh! In terms of what Cuba is like? Well, resort life is pretty standard. Brightly painted hotel rooms with towel swans. Buffet meals. Limitless alcohol. Relaxing by the pool. Tanning on the beach. Swimming in the ocean. Sipping on drinks from the swim up bar. Boat rides and dolphins. Enjoying shows in the evening. Dancing the nights away. Basically it is paradise. Here are some more pictures! Enjoy.


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